Coach J

I jump start the conversation that empowers student athletes to meet the NCAA academic requirements!


What do you read at the top?  "Opportunityisnowhere", is it opportunity is no where or opportunity is now here?  Every year 50,000 student athletes go through the recruiting process with the opportunity of receiving the coveted scholarship.  The flip side of this story is that these student athletes are unaware of the NCAA academic certification process that coincides.  This leaves many student athletes in a position of panic as the signing date nears.

Coach J, believes that opportunity is now here. Taking ownership of the academics side of college admissions leaves nothing to chance for student athletes. Coach J helps create solutions and solve problems early in a student’s career to optimize chances for success.  This in turn makes student athlete's more attractive to recruiters.

"Opportunityisnowhere" comes from Dan Miller's book, "No more Monday's."  This phase will create CONFIDENCE and keep you in the driver's seat.  This is a start to finish process evaluating your academics and giving you answers instead of road blocks.