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I jump start the conversation that empowers student athletes to meet the NCAA academic requirements!

Janette finds her answers, and it's in the CARDS!

I was in the process of trying to make sure my son had everything he needed to make his division one transition smoothly from high school to college. My name was given to Mr Eric Jackson. He called me and gained my trust. I did not trust everybody because my son had become a high profile recruit and this somehow everybody wants to help you or be your friend or relative, but anyway. After gaining my trust I sent him my son's information he helps me to see the things I did not know about my son's academic situation. I was then able to take that information to the high school and make sure the remainder of my son was on track for D1 basketball. He made me look very knowledgeable because he helped to further my education on the NCAA academic process and continued to check on us for the remainder of his high school career, I just wished I would have known him when my son was in ninth grade. He is well worth it. Use him and you won't be disappointed. By going you will get the education you need, but you will also build a great relationship with someone who really cares about the youth and their future. I have been greatly inspired by Eric Jackson. Thank you!!!!! Janetta Johnson Mother of Jaylen Johnson, University of Louisville Freshman Basketball Player.