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Up, up and away with Jim Wilson

To Perspective Athlete or Athlete’s parent:


My name is Jim Wilson and my son was a high school athlete who desired to play college football. The recruiting process is very challenging whether you are a 5 star recruit or a good football player with excellent grades. Coach Jackson was very informative with the information he provided to us along the way. He was instrumental in assisting us at looking at schools we never would have thought about.

Not being a 5 star athlete but having the grades, Coach Jackson’s advice helped open many doors and opportunities we would never have know about.  Whatever your athlete’s status, more guidance and information is needed than what a highschool coach provides.

I did not understand all the NCAA core requirements for meeting student athlete eligibility standards. Coach Jackson with his Core Calculator tool makes this process easy and gives you a realistic idea of where your student athlete qualifies.

I highly recommend to any Perspective Athletes that you take advantage of this program / knowledge / advice provided by Coach Jackson.


Jim Wilson

Parent of U.S. Air Force Academy football scholarship athlete.