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I jump start the conversation that empowers student athletes to meet the NCAA academic requirements!

Carrie gets the help her son needs

My name is Carrie, and I am the parent of a college bound student athlete. I am writing today to tell you about my experience with Coach Eric Jackson's Core Calculator tool, and to give it my strongest recommendation. Parents, students, and counselors of college bound athletes absolutely need this tool to help them assess qualifications for meeting NCAA eligibility requirements. I could not believe how simple and easy it is to use. Just insert your students’ core classes, the letter grade received upon completion of the specific class, along with SAT & ACT scores, as well as some other pertinent information. Voila -the Core Calculator tells you how many courses have been successfully completed, as well as how many are still required. It calculates the students’ core GPA accurately and quickly. It also tracks how many core requirements are still needed. What a lifesaver!

If you are like me, you may not understand the NCAA core requirements for meeting student athlete eligibility standards. My son’s high school has also struggled to guide us through the process. If professional educators, coaches and guidance counselors don’t understand the process, then how could I?

Coach Eric Jackson’s Core Calculator tool makes it so simple to see where your student athlete stands academically in order to meet NCAA qualifications. If he/she is interested in pursuing an athletic scholarship at the college level, they will be prepared in advance by using this handy tool frequently throughout their high school years.
Carrie Ann Perry 
Lynnwood Washington