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I jump start the conversation that empowers student athletes to meet the NCAA academic requirements!

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 Eric Jackson was a coach at Princeton from 2000-2010 and most recently was the DC at Portland State, 2010-2012 and is currently an academic coach and NCAA eligibility specialist. This man has helped me in these ways and others that have been invaluable. I had the pleasure of meeting this gentleman at a receiver's camp in Portland called Air One. Since I met this man and started talking with him not only has my life been made easier due to his knowledge and advice about the game of football, recruiting, school, and certain things in life, but I have attained much knowledge that will help me In the future. He has helped me make sure my test scores were high, as well as my grades in school and has given me countless words of advice on dealing with teachers. He has also helped me ensure my NCAA eligibility so that I do not suffer from some minor detail or any discrete requirement, I cannot recommend a better man to help you with the little details of recruiting and/or school. I cannot thank this man enough for what he has done for me in the short period of time that I have known him, and I hope I will still have the pleasure to know him far into the future.

Kaleb McGary, Fife HS, Fife, Washington