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Go Big is Going Big!
This Saturday at 1pm on NBC is the premier high school football all-star game in the country, the US Army All-American Bowl in San Antonio, Texas.  Every player in the game is among the top 200 prospects in the Class of 2014.   
It is the who's who of high school football and that is why it is such a big deal that Go Big Founder Ross Tucker has been selected as the color commentator for the contest.  It tells you all you need to know about the growing importance and influence of Go Big in the recruiting process.  It started with more top prospects using Go Big, continued with more and more colleges specifically mentioning Go Big to their recruits, and now culminates with Go Big being a part of the Super Bowl of high school football.

Get Your Mind Right
It's arguably the most important part of the recruiting process yet it is also often the most neglected: the academics.  If you can't qualify under the NCAA guidelines or don't make the grade academically for your dream school than you have no shot.  None.
One way you can make sure you are in good standing in this area is to enlist the services of an academic counselor like Coach Eric Jackson.  He's a former Division I defensive coordinator and you can check out what he has to offer (and use his core GPA calculator to find out where you stand!) at  Don't let your grades or test scores hold you back from achieving your dream.
Remember:  Nobody has EVER said they submitted their video and information to too many schools.  Nobody.

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