Coach J

I jump start the conversation that empowers student athletes to meet the NCAA academic requirements!



         My son Blake and I had our first contact with Coach Jackson when he was Camp Director of the 2013 National Guard Camp. At camp, I was very impressed with Coach Eric's leadership qualities, and the integrity in which he and his staff  carried themselves. Every kid that we took to camp, left very satisfied with the quality of instruction that they received while attending. 

         After going online and researching Coach Eric, I found that he had quite the extensive football background, and also was an academic advisor. After reviewing his website, and a few phone calls and emails later, we decided to use Coach Eric's services.

         Eric immediately reviewed Blake's transcripts and found several issues that were very easily fixable by Blake, but would have been a disaster if we had not gotten council from Coach Eric. Blake now has a very clear picture of what lies ahead of him academically, and the challenges that face him.

          At this point, A very detailed plan has been laid out for Blake to follow.

        We have found Eric to be, not just a great academic advisor, but a quality individual who seems to be genuinely interested in the kids and the families that he works with. Eric has been very accommodating in all aspects throughout the whole partnership, and we are confident in what lies ahead in Blake's future.

Ron Diede, Assistant Football Coach The Dalles-Wahtonka HS