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I jump start the conversation that empowers student athletes to meet the NCAA academic requirements!


From Carrie Ann Perry,  son Isaiah Holmes Lynnwood HS


Just wanted to write a quick note to say how grateful we are for the academic coaching Eric Jackson has provided for our son. Last fall Eric reached out to us and offered his assistance. For the first time in his school career, our son was struggling to remain engaged and on top of the assignments in some of his core classes. Eric was confident that he could turn things around. He immediately did a thorough academic workup providing information on what needed to be done to guarantee continuous improvement, along with step-by-step instructions to help our son reach his full potential.

Eric has also been a coach and mentor for young athletes for many years, and completely understands the NCAA process and requirements for eligibility. He is a motivator, as well as a genuinely kind person, with knowledge and experience both in academics and sports. And more importantly he has become a friend not only to our son, but to our entire family! Since Eric has come into our lives, we have seen a huge improvement in our son's grades and his self-esteem! ~ Thank you Eric! Sincerely, Carrie Ann Perry