Coach J

I jump start the conversation that empowers student athletes to meet the NCAA academic requirements!

"The Science"

In over 26 years of collegiate football coaching experience, coach J, academic coach brings you a one stop shop.

Coaching and recruiting student athletes from the Ivy League to the NFL, I have a 98% graduation rate and to achieve this I have mentored these student athletes academically BEFORE, as well as during college.

My formula for this success is building relationships with every student athlete and listening to the dreams they have, helping them achieve those dreams by being supportive and having a PLAN.

For you Student-Athlete looking towards college, this can be an overwhelming time, filled with all sorts of emotions-exciting, anxious, nervous, and frankly it can be a little scary and stressful.  Just like the preparations taken before the next game, there needs to be a plan and as a coach, I understand and embrace that mentality.

For you Parents, this is often a stressful time, you are facing a momentous decision in your child's life; you want to maximize the best opportunity for your child and the NCAA rules are often tough to navigate.  

That's where Coach J comes in.  An expert at navigating this process, one who can explain the steps, offer guidance, save you time and avoid errors - ultimately empowering your relationship with your child during this time, instead of adding to the stress.  Let me do this work for you.

A relationship with Coach J is a"start to finish" relationship.


Helping You Play

Coach J - What you get, Freshman-Sophomore Year

Initial Transcript Evaluation

Comprehensive plan for CORE course selection

Contingency planning for credit recovery

Unlimited telephone, text, and email access to discuss any questions

Discussion about your goals for high school 

Advice on the recruiting timetable, college selection, unofficial visits, and admissions

Recommendations on media and social media

Highlight film evaluation and configuration  

Advice on camps and athletic performance selection

Editing of letter writing series


Coach J - What you get, Junior-Senior Year

Recruiting timetable overview and strategic plan 

Unlimited telephone, text and email access

Transcript finalization for NCAA requirements  

Contingency planning for credit recovery

Final Core course planning

Act/Sat testing recommendations

Unofficial visit protocol

Recommendations for media and social media 

"Six degrees of separation" rule

Highlight film configuration

Career planning and major interests

Editing of letter series and college recommendations

Advice on camps, and combine selection 

Official visit protocol  

NCAA clearinghouse completion








Those who use the service:  

Evaluating your transcript and providing you with expert advising to keep your core courses on track. Navigating transcripts needs expert counsel.  Being able to have contingency plans for classes going/gone wrong.  Being able to predict gpa's needed for eligibility gives you a plan and this process will relieve the stress between parent and student athlete.  Coach J  becomes your advocate for success and puts you in a position of being fully informed.

What is the purpose:

You are anxious and overjoyed after receiving an offer or signing a NLI and then you find out from the counselor that you are a core class short or the class you enrolled in does not count as a core requirement.  As a result you don't meet the standards of the NCAA for eligibility.  This can cause stress between you, your parents and the school.  Further embarrassment ensues when you are not allowed to be enrolled in classes at your chosen university.  Instead of being fully informed you are now playing catch up.  No one enters a contest without a game plan and an understanding of the rules.  This is why you and your parents enlist Coach J; to have the support you need and the expert advising you seek.