Coach J

I jump start the conversation that empowers student athletes to meet the NCAA academic requirements!



The introduction:  The Neil-Evergin family was referred to me by a longtime friend, Dirk Knudsen.  I find clients the same way I did while I was coaching (through recruiting services and referrals).  The family needed guidance through the NCAA academic requirements and the NCAA recruiting calendar.  

The Jump Start:  First, I needed to know what Asan's academic and athletic goals were in the short term, while in high school, and long term, once he graduated.  Armed with that piece of information Asan, his family and I could map out our game plan.  This is a family operation. It takes a village!

The Breakdown: Next, Asan needed a complete understanding of the upcoming events on the NCAA recruiting calendar.  Spring football was taking place all over the country when coaches everywhere evaluate each athlete's recruiting film and transcripts.  Soon college coaches would be hitting the road for the formal spring evaluation period and Asan and his family had questions they wanted answered.  

What were the NCAA academic requirements and would he meet them?  This is a vital part of the recruiting process as college coaches ask prospects what their GPA's are to determine if they will be academically eligible in accordance with  the NCAA's standards.  They had questions about the recruiting calendar and the process for coaches during the evaluation period in the spring. What would happen next during the summer and fall?  We also talked about which camps to attend as they had hundreds of invitations and if Asan needed an athletic performance coach.

The Science:  

Quick story, when I coached at Princeton, I would call our defensive back play "the science". I would tell our players watching film and learning your craft was like being a scientist in a lab, researching and finding answers.  

The science I gave Asan and his family was no different.  They now had a game plan and knowledge going forward of what it meant to have a "core GPA" and why that was important.  When Asan talked to college coaches, he understood that being able to articulate his academic status would give the coach loads of confidence in him.  The college coaches don't want to have to "babysit" athletes and they knew Asan would pay incredible attention to detail to his academics at their own program!

Imagine having a mature conversation with the college coach who is recruiting you!  Coaches want knowledgeable players that can understand their game plans and are self-starters.  

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