Coach J

I jump start the conversation that empowers student athletes to meet the NCAA academic requirements!

With 27 years of collegiate football coaching experience, Eric Jackson -"Coach J" - brings you a one stop shop to guide you through the college recruiting and eligibility process.

Having coached and recruited student athletes from the Ivy League to the NFL, Coach J has carefully picked the academic institutions as he climbed the coaching ladder to have a degree of distinction among the others.  The schools have been places where academics matter, graduating matters, people and relationships matter.  High powered academics and athletics, and NATIONAL recruiting.  

Coach J has an extraordinary graduation rate 98% of his student athletes. A winning percentage like that comes from mentoring before as well as during the college years, building and maintaining relationships with every student-athlete.  Identifying goals, listening to dreams, and helping them to achieve, and hopefully exceed those goals by being supportive and having a plan.

Coaching Resume:

University of Cincinnati, Cornell University, Alma College, University of Idaho, Cal Poly University, Ithaca College, Princeton University, Portland State University.

NFL Minority Fellowships:

Detroit Lions, Carolina Panthers

NCAA Expert Coaches Academy

Princeton Football Women's Clinic for Breast Cancer 2001-2009

Self Management Program, with Dr. Colette Frayne 1995-1997

Photos by permission: © Brad W. Smith 2013, Brandy Coleman 2013 


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